Bartlett 1603
William of Parva  
Randolph 1577 Bartlett Bartlett Bompasse
  John the Vintner of London DFT Master Chart of Clans - Relating to the Carter and Sugg      
Fields Soane Randolph Randolph 1623 Carter Merrill S. Carter and Milbury Dollie Sugg, Nashville, Tennessee Bartlett Morey Bumpus Bumpus
                Grandparents of Daniel Merrill Zieman, Author          
          Reston, Virginia, January 2003    
  Judith Soane Married:            
  1. Henry the Immigrant Randolph 1650 Carter Carter Carter These are just Prime connections between Clans Bartlett Bumpus
  2. Colonel Peter Fields     Look for the + sign in names for all connections    
    William of Surry King Carter      
Fields Randolph ca. 1655 Gentry Carter ca. 1630 Click on any name to go directly to that person in DFT Murdock Bumpus
  N. President Thomas Jefferson and          
  Henry of Albemarle were neighbors              
Jefferson Randolph Haggard Gentry Gentry Carter Petty 1719 Tilson 1741 Bumpus
The Randolphs of Virginia N. Jefferson Haggard N. Randolph ca. 1715 Gentry Carter Sugg Petty Darwin Ledbetter? Petty Tilson Tilson Tilson Barrows
Henry the Immigrant                        
William Of Turkey Island Jefferson Haggard Randolph Randolph Gentry Carter Sugg Sugg Petty Petty Tilson Tilson Tilson Perry
                of Nanci Presley Holley                
Henry of Albemarle   S.                
Randolph Haggard Haggard Randolph Randolph Carter Sugg Petty Bibb Petty Tilson Tilson Andrews
1839 Randolph Haggard Haggard Randolph Carter Hassell Sugg Sugg Petty Petty Gillis Clouse Andrews
    of Sharolyn Petty Wood          
S. Beginning with the marriage of John of Sevier Trotter to Mary Haggard ca. 1795, there are Haggard Carter Sugg Norris Petty Sams Clouse Wilkins Andrews 19__
many, many marriages of Haggard and Randolph to all of Sevierville. After marrying the Atchley, Fox                          
Lewelling, Maples, Trotter and other first families "...they married themselves all over again".        
McCarver Carter Carter Merrill Dollie - 1902 Sugg 1937 Nelson Grey Sams
    of Chris Nelson  
Scott Paquette Carver McCarver 1933 Kern Carter Zieman Carter Carter 1937 Blair 1934
1932 Scott Carver 1936