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Geburts- und Todesorte erforschen
Stadt: Sevierville
Landkreis: White Co TN
Stadt und Landkreis: Sevierville, Sevier Co TN

Um sich zu äußern oder Ihren Clan hin-
zufügen, kontakten Sie: Dick Zieman

H a u p t t a b e l l e    d e r    C l a n s    f ü r    d i e    F o l g e n d e n    s e h e n:

    Facts about this clan  Group I - CARTER OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA
    Facts about this clan Carter DNA Results Private viewing only
    Facts about this clan Giles of Henrico Haplo I1a --------Of Theodore and not Giles, son is not Thomas
    Facts about this clan Giles of King George -------------------MD refugees on Northern Neck, to Brent of Stafford
    Facts about this clan Isle of Wight & Surry Haplo R1b-04----Thomas of Wight and his father William of Surry
    Facts about this clan John of Frederick Haplo R1b-20 ----of James of England and Susannah Griffith of Wales
    Facts about this clan John of Lancaster Haplo R1b-32----King Carter of Corrotoman -- NOT to Watauga
    Facts about this clan John of Watauga Haplo E1b--------Culturally to King Carter - NOT Sec. John, not Lucy
    Facts about this clan Landon of Stokes Haplo R1b-31--- Not of Capt. Thomas - born Caroline County VA
    Facts about this clan Nathaniel of Pr Wm Haplo R1b-05 -- Infamous Sea Captain - married Sarah Fair of MD
    Facts about this clan Thomas of Goochland Haplo Q----01 ---Previously to Giles of Henrico, unknown origins
    Facts about this clan Thomas of Lancaster Haplo R1b-02----Capt. Thomas Carter Sr. of England and Barford
    Facts about this clan William of Middlesex Haplo R1b-01----Originally S. Lancaster, married Mary Goodlow
    Facts about this clan William of New Jersey Haplo R1b-01 ---- Perfect DNA to Wm of Middlesex - unknown connection
    Facts about this clan  Group II - OUR CARTER FAMILY - BACK TO BARFORD
    Facts about this clan Carter - Bean Carter; Bates; Evans; Upchurch ------- Wayne Co KY and White Co TN
    Facts about this clan Blair - Sams Blair; Ellison; Tilson @; Sams; Ham ------------------------------- (Carter)
    Facts about this clan Kern - Thompson Kern; Thompson; Weir; Fleck; Neeld; Dermoty; Arklie; --------- (Carter)
    Facts about this clan Musnicki - Zieman Zieman; Bruzdoski; Musnicki; Smalley; Chiriani; Kruszynski; --- (Carter)
    Facts about this clan Zieman - McNally The McNally's of Long Island NY
    Facts about this clan McCarver - Rankin McCarver; Lynch; Carver; (unknown); Vaughn; Lee; Jones; ---- (Carter)
    Facts about this clan Paquette - LaLonde Paquette; Convery; LaLonde; Nagy; Brazil;
    Facts about this clan Scott - Crider Nunn; Bennett; Crider; Green; Scott;
    Facts about this clan Ruszkowski - Potocka mozliwi kuzynowie rodziny Zieman z Polsce --- (Polish cousins)
    Facts about this clan  Group III - CLOSE COUSINS to our HAGGARD & RANDOLPH *
    Facts about this clan Bibb - Armstrong Bibb; Armstrong; Knox; Thompson; Wilson ----------------------- (Sugg)
    Facts about this clan Norris - Thompson Balthrop; Thompson; Tomlinson; Norris; Potter ------------------- (Sugg)
    Facts about this clan Petty - Darwin Petty; Harrington; (unknown); Queen; Myatt; Caudle; Utley; ----- (Sugg)
    Facts about this clan Petty - Ledbetter Petty; Capps; Lennon; Nelson; Brewer;
    Facts about this clan Hassell - Biggs Hassell; Parker; McCaleb; Luckett; Odom; -------- From Tenn to Texas
    Facts about this clan Sugg - Boaz Sugg; Suggs; Springer; Motsinger; Boaz; Russell; --------------- VA TN
    Facts about this clan William Sugg of NC Bingham; Fellers; Neal; Sugg; Schutz -------------- From Tenn to Texas
    Facts about this clan LLewellyn - Witt New Connections between East TN and Henry of Albemarle
    Facts about this clan Nathaniel Haggard Haggard; Gentry; (unknown); White; Fancher; Thomas ---- VA TN AL *
    Facts about this clan Henry of Albemarle Randolph; Clouse; Bumbalough; Kimbrough; Smith; Manis ---- VA TN *
    Facts about this clan Henry the Immigrant Randolph; Gilliam; Poythress; Eppes; Barksdale; Swann ------- VA TN
    Facts about this clan Turkey Island Randolph; Lee; Jefferson; Bland; Harrison; Stith; Bolling ----------- VA
    Facts about this clan  Group IV - OTHER COLONIAL ROOTS - emphasis East TN
    Facts about this clan Burnett - Johnston Burnett; Sharp; Huff; Hoff; Baker; (unknown); Pearce ----------- TN
    Facts about this clan Douglass - Allen Houston; Douglass; Allen; Wright; Gill; Saunders; Cullom -------- TN
    Facts about this clan Fox - Eilor Fox; Carnes; Houk; Allen; Denton; Wear; Drinnon -----------------TN
    Facts about this clan Herrera - Grey Lawson; Woolcott; Hopp; Bennett; Townsand --------------------- TN
    Facts about this clan Keeble - Rule Keeble; Rule; Jenkins; Tarwater; Lewelling; Helton; Stamps; ----- TN
    Facts about this clan McMahan - Denton McMahan; Denton; Maples; Trotter; Layman; Large; Roberts --- TN
    Facts about this clan Sevierville TN Atchley; Maples; Trotter; Long; Nichols; Holmes; Emert; -------- TN
    Facts about this clan  Group V - THE MAYFLOWER SOCIETY (MS = Proven)
    Facts about this clan Greater Plymouth Bartlett; Bumpus; Perry; Swift; Holmes; Harlow; Nye; Barrows
    Facts about this clan Tillinghast (Main) John of Streat: Sussex Branch & Roots in America (see Group VI.)
    Facts about this clan Wilkins - Andrews Andrews; Kenyon; Wilkins; Koch --------- (Mayflower Society)
    Facts about this clan  Group VI - TILLINGHAST FROM RHODE ISLAND (Friends)
    Facts about this clan Egan - McDonald Streitz; Raftis; Davey; DeGrazia; Wagner;
    Facts about this clan O'Brien - Lucy O'Brien; Bair; Thompson; Ruck; Laffey;
    Facts about this clan Patterson - Tillinghast Tillinghast; Mitchell; Best; Giannoni; Speiser;
    Facts about this clan MacMahon (Medieval) MacMahon; MacSheehy; O'Brien; Fitzgerald; Reigh;
    Facts about this clan O'Brien (Ancient) Fenius Farsa; MacCumhair;
    Facts about this clan O'Brien (French) O'Brien; Rossitor; Roche;
    Facts about this clan O'Brien (Medieval) O'Brien; de Breteuil; Finucane; MacNamara; de Choiscul-Praslin;
    Facts about this clan O'Brien (Waterford) O'Brien; Keating; Barry; Rogers;
    Facts about this clan Tillinghast (Joseph) Tillinghast; Huske; Smith; Oven; Palmer ---(GA LA NC SC)
    Facts about this clan Tillinghast (Pardon Jr) in progress -------------------------------------------------------------
    Facts about this clan Tillinghast (Philip) Tillinghast; Westcott; Yeomans; Shappee; Holroyd;